Sunday, April 5, 2009


Here are the steps to making this card.

Step 1
Cut a piece of brown cardsock to make a 15cm x 11cm card & ink with black ink.

Step 2
Cut out a lighter brown piece of cardstock 14cm x 10cm, ink with black ink.

Step 3
Cut a piece of acetate 13cm x 9cm and burn the edges using a heat gun or lighter (just be careful, this takes some practice). Randomly stamp some flower on it using a solvent ink. when the ink is dry, attach a large flower. stamp a postage stamp on it and add a button to the centre of the flower. Cut out a medium size flower from cardstock, use a small flower in the centre and place acetate clock on top. attach this to the burnt piece of acetate.

Step 4
Attach the burnt acetate to the light brown cardsock using brads in the corners. Wrap a piece of ribbon around the right side of the acetate.

Step 5
Using double sided tape stick the light brown cardstock onto the card.

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Veronica said...

Very different, must of taken some work to put this together.