Sunday, April 19, 2009

acetate card

This is a one of the acetate cards that Ive designed. here are the steps.

Cut a piece of acetate (transparency) 15cm x 21cm, fold in half to create the base of the card.
Cut out 2 pieces of card stock 11cm x 7cm and ink them.
Using double sided tape stick 1 piece of card stock on the top of the card (in the middle) and the other piece of card stock on the inside of the card (be sure to line the bottom card stock up with the top card stock).
Now decorate the top of the card by first sicking down a piece of lace on the top.
Place a large flower on the left and some smaller flowers along the bottom. add a butterfly and some gemstones to finish it off. hope you enjoy.


Susan said...

wow, this is amazing.

Yvette Brewer said...

This is AMAZING. I have never seen anything like it before. Can't wait to make one. THANKS ADELE

Craft u Crazy said...

Thank you. Glad you like it.

Diane Davies said...

I like this so much.

Brenda Holms said...

Nice card Adele.

Maureen Smith said...

Oh wow, this is lovely.