Friday, April 17, 2009

18th birthday wish card.

This is a birthday card I created for Kye's girlfriend. here are the steps.

Cut a card 15cm x 30cm out of red card stock, fold in half. Ink with black.
Cut out a piece of black card stock 14cm x 14cm.
Cut out a piece of red pattern paper 13cm x 13cm and distress the corners by punching loads of holes with your hand held punch - it will give it a moth eaten look. Ink with black
Cut out an 18 out of black card stock and use a clear liner around the edges, sick on bottom right of card.
Paste a butterfly onto a black medium size flower. Paste the black flower onto a large red flower and stick onto top right of card.
Use some ruby red gemstones to make some doodles on the card to finish it off. hope you had fun.


Jenna said...

this is a nice technique you have used here. will definitely use it. thanks.

Amanda Cloke said...

This looks so beautiful. I'm going to try this but I'm sure its more difficult than you say it is.

Yvette Brewer said...

Kye's girlfriend is a very lucky girl. I would be happy to receive a card like that. Who is Kye?

Craft u Crazy said...

Thank you Yvette. Kye is my youngest son. Glad you like my blog and my stuff.

Diane Davies said...

stunning, love the technique.

Maureen Smith said...

Really, really nice.