Sunday, April 19, 2009

acetate card

This is a one of the acetate cards that Ive designed. here are the steps.

Cut a piece of acetate (transparency) 15cm x 21cm, fold in half to create the base of the card.
Cut out 2 pieces of card stock 11cm x 7cm and ink them.
Using double sided tape stick 1 piece of card stock on the top of the card (in the middle) and the other piece of card stock on the inside of the card (be sure to line the bottom card stock up with the top card stock).
Now decorate the top of the card by first sicking down a piece of lace on the top.
Place a large flower on the left and some smaller flowers along the bottom. add a butterfly and some gemstones to finish it off. hope you enjoy.

Friday, April 17, 2009

18th birthday wish card.

This is a birthday card I created for Kye's girlfriend. here are the steps.

Cut a card 15cm x 30cm out of red card stock, fold in half. Ink with black.
Cut out a piece of black card stock 14cm x 14cm.
Cut out a piece of red pattern paper 13cm x 13cm and distress the corners by punching loads of holes with your hand held punch - it will give it a moth eaten look. Ink with black
Cut out an 18 out of black card stock and use a clear liner around the edges, sick on bottom right of card.
Paste a butterfly onto a black medium size flower. Paste the black flower onto a large red flower and stick onto top right of card.
Use some ruby red gemstones to make some doodles on the card to finish it off. hope you had fun.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cherish page

This is a page that I created for a class that i did some time back.

Step 1
Use a plain or very simple pattern paper for the background. Ink it very heavily with black ink.

Step 2
Cut a large circle out of a pattern paper. Distress it by tearing small slits in a few places around the circle. Ink it heavily. Use a large C chipboard letter or cut one out yourself. Ink it and stamp the word CHERISH on it, tie a ribbon and a charm to it. Punch some holes on the left side of the circle, put some eyelets in and thread some ribbon through each hole.

step 3
cut out 8 tags. Ink them and stamp words on them.Stick tags under pattern paper so that all he words are still visible. Then stick circle to background.
Cut out 2 complementary colours of cardstock to mat your photo. Stick it down. Add flowers to decorate.

Hope yopu enjoy...

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Here are the steps to making this card.

Step 1
Cut a piece of brown cardsock to make a 15cm x 11cm card & ink with black ink.

Step 2
Cut out a lighter brown piece of cardstock 14cm x 10cm, ink with black ink.

Step 3
Cut a piece of acetate 13cm x 9cm and burn the edges using a heat gun or lighter (just be careful, this takes some practice). Randomly stamp some flower on it using a solvent ink. when the ink is dry, attach a large flower. stamp a postage stamp on it and add a button to the centre of the flower. Cut out a medium size flower from cardstock, use a small flower in the centre and place acetate clock on top. attach this to the burnt piece of acetate.

Step 4
Attach the burnt acetate to the light brown cardsock using brads in the corners. Wrap a piece of ribbon around the right side of the acetate.

Step 5
Using double sided tape stick the light brown cardstock onto the card.

Acetate Card

This is an acetate card that i have created.
I will give you all the steps on how to create this fun project.

Step 1
Cut out two flowers the first 1 from a good quality cardstock and the second out of acetate. (if you want a template just email me on and I'll send you one).

Step 2
Ink the cardstock flower quite heavily, place acetate flower on top and attach with a brad.

Step 3
Cut out different size flowers in coordinating colours, ink and distress them. Stick flowers down with some double sided tape on the acetate. use a button in the centre of the biggest flower. Cut out a butterfly and run through an embossing machine (I use the cuttlebug), place butterfly in the middle of the flowers.

Step 4
On the cardstock flower place a round tag for writing your message on.
Use some gems and brads to decorate.