Thursday, September 10, 2009

Free Photo-shop or Digital photography course

Hello everyone, I just found a place on the web to do a free Photo-shop or digital photography course. If you interested just go here. I have just signed up (This could be a disaster for me as I am SO no computer literate) but hey, I'll try and see what happens.


Norma Kennedy said...

Hi Adele,
Thank you for your kind words !
Your art is very BEAUTIFUL and I can see why you teach. If your wanting to pick up a bit of digital scrapbooking with photoshop here is a place I started :

every Friday she gives a fab tutorial.Warmly, Norma

Robyn Schaub said...

Hi Adele! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your Christmas tags...they are just beautiful!

Craft u Crazy said...

thanks Norma.

scrappy jen d said...

Hello dear Adele,
I am very proud that some one like you (who's so very creative!) gives me such a sweet complement on my little things....
I just LOVE your X-mas-tags!
They are very beautiful!
Tell your kids that there are more crazy moms!
Have a wonderful evening in far South Africa!
Best regards, bye-bye,

Craft u Crazy said...

Jen, your stuff is so lovely, It is somehing to be proud about.

Gez said...

Oooh best of luck.xx

Hope you have lots of fun. Gez.xx

Linda Elbourne said...

Hi Adele

Thank you for the invite - you have a fabulous blog - LOVE your Christmas tags! Good Luck with your course.


PaperTree Designs said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. Cant wait to start designing with you.